Fund Raising 


Anyone who has been to the Ripley Bonfire will know that we do not charge an entry fee, however, this does not mean that the event is free.


On average it costs £12,000 a year to stage the bonfire. It is not just the fireworks, there are many other costs such as road closures, replacing old equipment, the marching band and of course insurance. All these costs have to be recuperated, otherwise we would not be able to run the event.


Throughout the course of the evening we have a team of collectors, either in fancy dress or with official tabards or armbands, moving through the crowd with their collection buckets.


Even with so many collectors and collection points some people have said to us that they could not find a collector on the night. Therefore we have now made it possible for you to donate online at any time of the year by using the link on the right hand side of this page. 


As well as donations, we are also offering you the opportunity for you to ‘Sponsor a Firework’. For further information on this please visit the ‘Sponsor a Firework’ page from the menu on the left hand side.


We have two stalls that are run by the Association and which create extra revenue. The Pig Stall which has been in fruition as long as the bonfire itself, this is run by Ripley Bowls Club and sells freshly cooked pork sandwiches. Please see ‘Map of Event’ under ‘The Event’ for the location of this stall and all the other stalls.

Lastly we have the ‘Glo’ stalls which we set up a few years ago. This was started because of the frustration we had with all the street traders profiting by selling glo trinkets and not donating anything to the bonfire, so we decided to do our own, needless to say this is also run by volunteers. These stalls can be found under the oak tree as you come onto the green off the High Street on the left hand side, at the Village Hall and at the entrance to the green on Newark Lane. Please support these stalls so that we profit from the glo’s rather than those pesky street traders.

All of these stalls raise money towards the bonfire and some further money is made from hiring pitches to traders, however, most of the money is raised through donations from the people attending on the night.


As a not-for-profit organisation, any extra money made by Ripley Bonfire Association is donated to local clubs, charities and village organisations. Further details about this can be found in ‘The Chairman's Message’ on the ‘About Us’ page.


Thank you for your support. 

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