The Bonfire Queen is now in its 81st year, way before the Association was formed in 1955, when she was chosen by a packed hall of villagers and then there would have been a ball in honour of the newly crowned Queen. The very first Queen was crowned in 1938 (Betty Cox) and then shortly after (1949) the Second War ended there has been a Queen chosen every year since.

In the present day the Bonfire Queen is chosen by voting, so the more friends and family the bigger the chance of winning. The evening begins in the Village Hall at 7 pm, when we sign in any girls over ten years old who want to take part; this is followed by a family disco until 10 pm.

In recent years we have struggled with keeping this tradition alive, due to the fact that the school has closed, as well as the Youth Club, Guides and Brownies have disbanded. So looking to the future we hope to be able to continue with a traditional bonfire. We also welcome anyone who would be interested in joining the Association to help this event to move on.

Also contact us by going to our Facebook page: Ripley Bonfire.

This year’s Bonfire Queen is on Friday 11th October