The Bonfire Queen

As it has been mentioned before on this website, we have a huge problem with getting girls to attend this evening and so in 2019, our last event, we had our first Prince, Daniel, due to the fact that only three youngsters turned up.

This year the Committee has decided not to hold our Social Evening, which, unfortunately, is the first time in the Association’s history that it hasn’t been held. Instead, we felt that in future years we would chose a person who is willing to endure the journey through the village.


The 2022 Bonfire Queen and attendants were chosen by the Committee. The Queen in the middle is Diane Dean with her two attendants, Charlie on the left and on the right is Lillie.


1938Betty Cox   1949Pip Roberts   1950Audrey Bashall   
1951Shelagh Carter1952Audrey Strudgwick1953Jaqueline Strudgwick
1954Elsie Haines1955Mary Pullinger1956Jill Mussell
1957Susan Wilkinson1958Betty Lamb1959Joan Hyde
1960Vivian Forehead1961Lena Smith1962Jill Brown
1963Avril Bibby1964Shirley Chandler1965Rita Beauchamp
1966Cathy Weller1967Susan Fry1968Carol Reynolds
1969Sara Smith1970Pat Treadwell1971Allison Harman
1972Ruth Sapsford1973Susan Sayers1974Karen Winstanley
1975Jackie Parsons1976Dawn Gibbs1977Sharon Sapsford
1978Tania Whittern1979Susan Clarke1980Susanne Wernham    
1981Joanna Hughes1982Nicola Wernham1983Helen Porter
1984Alexis Bowler1985Debbie Shoesmith1986Angela Marshall
1987Nicola Marshall1988Haley Irvine1989Kerrianne Parsons
1990Lucy Fairbrass1991Vicky Shoesmith1992Amanda Milne
1993Kim Biard1994Nicola Jones1995Lisa Churchill
1996Holly Puttock1997Beverly Griffin1998Hazel Phillips
1999Abigail Brown2000Amy Cornwall2001Amy Goodman
2002Rose Ayears2003Jordan Styles2004Georgia Meek
2005Demi Gunner2006Robyn Dean2007Verity Ayears   
2008Charlotte Gallacher2009Kendel Styles2010Tilly Grimes
2011Sophie Baker2012Helen Masters2013Maddie Hart
2014Emily Williamson2015Zoe Zapp2016Lexie Hyde
2017Lily-Mae Hardy2018Emma Doughty2019Phillipa Bimson
2020Covid Year – No Event2021Covid Year – No Event2022Diane Dean