The Chairman’s Message

January 2021

First of all my apologies for not writing this message last year, when the bonfire was cancelled. I wanted to wait and get the views of the Committee on whether we would still be able to donate any monies to the organisations and charities that we do each year.

It was a very hard decision to cancel last year’s bonfire, as this would be the first time since 1955 that we haven’t been able to do so. The good news is that the Committee and I have managed to decide to carry on donating to the organisations and charities, albeit on a smaller scale, due to the fact that most of them haven’t been operating at full capacity or have had to close.

The organisations and charities we managed to donate to was:

Parish Council
Surrey Air Ambulance
Villages Medical Centre
Woking Hospice

The Committee also added an extra amount to the Woking Hospice in remembrance of a valued Committee member, Nicky Dean, who died after a long illness last September. Apart from the work he did on the Committee he was always at hand if any other organisations needed help. Our thoughts remain with his family.

All I can now say is that everyone on the Committee hope that we will be able to get back to some normality and arrange a bonfire on the 30th October 2021. Above all please stay safe and adhere to the Government’s wishes.

Vernon Wood
Chairman, Ripley Bonfire Association